MR Investor Select© - $10 per report   (available in single, five and ten report packages).

    Investor Select our flagship Merriam Report for evaluating individual companies and stocks of interest. Ideal for
    advisors, managers and self-directed retail investors who demand sophisticated, concise and easily digestible
    financial analytics.  Maximum ten reports per order.   

MR Focus List© - $10 per report   (can be ordered in single or multi-report bundles; subject to availability)

    MR Focus List reports offer investors our best ideas of companies whose stock prices we believe may be poised
    for significant movement in the near future.  We highlight companies displaying improving earnings and cash flow as
    well as companies exhibiting deteriorating earnings quality and poor liquidity.  Ideal for long and short investment

    Focus List reports also include a summary of our analysis, highlighting those areas and relationships within the
    financial statements which may be a catalyst for a stock's move up or down in the near future.      

Merriam Report Spreadsheet for Excel™ - $39.99  MR template sold individually.  

    MR for Excel® offers investors unlimited report generation and flexibility to adjust financial statement line-item
    entries in the income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flow.  Multi-industry and sector capability. Not  
    recommended for analyzing bank, insurance and other financial services securities.

    Each MR for Excel® template program includes a master file, back-up files, "sample" file (a handy reference tool)
    and easy set-up instructions.  Analyzes 7 quarterly or annual periods of data.  Layout and presentation is similar to
    Investor Select and Focus List reports.  

    Requires basic working knowledge of Microsoft Excel® and takes about 30 minutes to link worksheets with Excel®
    plug-in and data feeds.  

Merriam Report Quarterly Newsletter -  $49.00  per year (annual subscription)

    Subscribers of the MR Quarterly receive four editions each year.  Each issue includes analysis and commentary on
    3 - 4 companies selected by the editor.  Relevant and timely, the MRQN identifies the most financially stable
    businesses within a sector or peer group.   

    In-depth financial statement analysis for each company and includes a detailed summary highlighting strengths and
    weaknesses in the financial reports likely to impact futire price movements in the stock.  Merriam Report Quarterly
    is ideal for investors seeking new ideas or desiring a more thorough perspective of the financial and accounting
    characteristics within an industry or sector group.  Includes complete MR data for all companies.

    Merriam Reports include analysis for seven quarterly periods.   Excel ® is a registered trademark of the Microsoft® Corporation  
    Copyright © 2005-2011 Merriam Report Investment Research, MR Focus List, MR Quarterly Newsletter, MR Investor Select, MR Spreadsheet for
    Excel®  All Rights Reserved.  Created by Jason S. Merriam and

Broad Industry Coverage: MR research capability offers a diverse universe of industry and sector coverage.  We are
constantly adding new coverage to our database.  

Merriam Investment Research Consulting Services

Merriam Investment Research also provides cost effective analysis solutions to clients requiring project
specific or integrated financial statement expertise.  

    •        Forensic Accounting & Due Diligence

           Securities Litigation Support Services

    •        Academic Research

For more information regarding our consulting services please contact:  Jason Merriam  
Privacy: Merriam Report Investment Research values the privacy of our clients and this policy is rigidly observed.  ALL inquiries are
strictly confidential.
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