Merriam Report©  Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Merriam Report?
The two-page MR provides in-depth and often predictive financial statement analysis on most publicly traded companies
(income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement).  Analysis covers seven quarters of reported data.

How do investors benefit from Merriam Report research?
    The MR gives investors highly sophisticated cash-flow and earnings quality analysis in an easy-read PDF format.  Our
    innovative research saves hours in research time and offers valuable clues to the integrity of reported earnings and
    potential future changes in a security's price.   The MR also provides accurate estimates of a security's fair-value as of
    the most recent period reported.    

What’s so different about the MR from other financial research?
    Our proprietary research screen employs a matrix of unconventional cash-flow, accrual and capital productivity tools
    designed to evaluate specific relationships in the financial statement components of an earnings report.  This powerful
    blend of unconventional methodologies has shown to be remarkably accurate and highly predictive at identifying both
    potentially undervalued and/or overvalued securities...months before traditional analysis does.

Can the MR be used to analyze stocks and bonds?
    Yes.  The MR is very effective in evaluating almost any class of security, including equities, bonds, preferred class
    shares and options.   

How diverse is your research coverage?
    Our robust database covers a broad and expanding range of industries, sectors and peer-groups.  More information is
    available here.    

Does the Merriam Report include investment advice (buy, sell, hold)?  
    Page 2 of each report provides a summary of the analysis including a score of the six primary analysis components,
    bullish or bearish trend indicators and fair-value estimates.  Please read product use & limitation for more details.    

Can your research be used to find short-selling ideas?
    The MR is equally effective in identifying “red-flags” as it is in uncovering companies with upside potential that may have
    been overlooked by investors.    

How do I obtain your research?
    All MR products are available via our secure website using the safe and convenient PayPal network.    
How much does the MR cost?
    We offer a variety of inexpensive options to meet your research needs.  Individual reports start at $10 and package
    reports are as low as $18 per report depending on the unit volume ordered.    
What is the Merriam Report Quarterly Newsletter?
    Published 4 times a year, each issue brings you our MR analysis on companies within an industry, peer group or market
    niche.  Annual subscriptions are only $49 per year.
Do you invest in your own ideas?
    Sometimes.  Please read our investment policy disclosure for more information.

What other services are available to investors?
    IS We also provide portfolio analysis services, contract research / due-diligence projects,  forensic accounting and
    related services to fund managers, analysts, attorneys and individuals.      
Merriam Report Investment Research Frequently Asked Questions