Determine earnings quality and fair-value of equities and bond securities

    Each in depth Merriam Report includes comprehensive analysis of the income
    statement, balance-sheet and statement of cash-flow based on our innovative
    combination of dual cash-flow and accrual accounting analysis.  Covers seven
    quarterly periods of reported data.  

Potent trend analysis including:                                      view sample

  • Comparison of true operating cash-flows vs balance-sheet maneuvers (w/ graphs)
  • Accrual (non-cash) accounting analysis  (w/ graphs)
  • Revenue metrics and Capital productivity analysis
  • Goodwill comparisons as a % of assets and equity (w/ graphs and trend lines)
  • Bullish and/or Bearish indicators and signals
  • Estimated fair-value of the underlying security*

    *Note: Based on our proprietary Merriam Report Score of the component analysis. All orders are
    delivered via email in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) within 1-2 business days of order date.  Value packages
    can be received together or separately.  Package orders expire six months after date of purchase.  All
    sales are final.

MR Quarterly Newsletter (annual subscription)           view sample

    The MR Quarterly serves up our innovative and powerful financial research in a
    newsletter format.  Each edition presents our best investment ideas based on the potent
    combination of dual cash-flow and accrual ratio analysis.  

    Published* four times a year, each edition offers fresh and original analysis on several
    companies we believe merit attention including:
  • Industry and sector picks (long and short)
  • Comparison of the accounting techniques used
  • In-depth commentary supporting the analysis
  • Earnings quality comparisons and recommendations for each company   

Includes complete Merriam Report data for each company discussed (a handy reference
tool).  The
Merriam Report Quarterly provides investors exceptional research at an
extraordinary value.  
Note: *Publication dates may vary and subscribers are guaranteed four newsletters
per calendar year.  Delivered via email in Adobe Acrobat (PDF).

We are quite confident investors will quickly discover the superb quality and effectiveness the
MR research and analysis offers.  

Our low $49 annual subscription rate to receive the Merriam Report Quarterly...might
possibly be one of the best investments you ever make!

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