Create unlimited dual cash flow and accrual analysis research with the Merriam Report for Excel.  The MR spreadsheet
template is compatible with any data provider or vendor offering Excel plug-in capability.  

The Merriam Report
Excel template features built-in and customized formulas to produce robust cash-flow, accrual and capital
productivity analytics.  It is designed to provide investors a vivid "portrait" about a company’s true financial health by examining
the accounting relationships within the component financial statements.    

Unique predictive analysis:  The MR Excel template has shown to be remarkably accurate at identifying upside opportunities
(long ideas)
and revealing potential problems (sell and short ideas) often months before traditional analysis will.  

Innovative fundamental research: Unlike traditional investment analysis methods, the Merriam Report model raises the bar.  

    Conventional fundamental techniques such as valuation ratios or discounted cash-flow models are widely used to
    analyze investment opportunities.  DCF models are powerful, but subject to assumptions about the future.  Small
    changes in input data can result in large changes in the future value of a company.  

    Similarly, gauging a company's value based on price-to-earnings, price-to-sales, etc., can be effective, provided that
    the quality of the reported information is accurately presented.

No single methodology is 100% accurate at predicting future stock price movements.  However, years of applied research with
"dual cash-flow" and accrual analysis have revealed verifiable evidence that the combination of these unconventional
techniques are very effective in providing clues to earnings related catalysts which drive future stock price movements.

  • Quality of earnings being presented
  • Quality of the cash-flows supporting earnings
  • Management's effectiveness at managing liquidity and income producing assets
  • Does the present value of an equity reflect these observations (under/over valued)
    •        Institutional quality analytics in a user friendly presentation

    •        Unlimited report capacity

    •        Analyze up to seven quarterly or annual periods

    •        Superb graphics and streamlined content (very user friendly)

    •        Save hours of research time

    •        Increase potential ROI and profitability

Using the Merriam Report for Excel: The most unique feature of the innovative MR platform is its consistent rate of accuracy
and remarkable predictive capability.  It is a very effective tool for:
    •        Positioning your portfolio in advance of an earnings report
    •        Evaluating dividend or yield safety/risk
    •        Determining an equity’s true fair-value
    •        Providing actionable clues to a security’s future price movements

Excellent Research Value: Cost of the Merriam Report for Excel is only $39.99.  No gimmicks or additional hidden fees.  The
template is yours to keep.

Easy Set-up and configuration:  Simply link the specific financial statement data into the Merriam Report worksheet and
begin researching!  Works with excel plug-ins provided by your data vendor
or with Excel Web Queries to retreive data from free
sources such as Yahoo Finance or Reuters. Ideal for analyzing virtually any industry group or sector.*        

You also receive: Helpful pointers and tips to maximize analysis results; easy-step set-up guide; back-up worksheets.  

*Please read our product use and limitation disclosure before purchase.  The MR for Excel template is not suitable for analyzing banks, insurers,
and other related financial service companies (due to the different assumption and capitalization structures).

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Merriam Investment Report for Excel

Equity and Bond Investment Screening Tool to Analyze "Dual" Cash-Flow, Accruals,
Capital Productivity and Revenue Metrics
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H. Johnston- Analyst

Merriam Report for ExcelTM

Excellent Research Value

Innovative stock analysis tool provides unlimited
institutional quality research for only   
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B. Goodridge - Retired