About The Merriam Report
Merriam Report Investment Research offers highly regarded equity and credit
analysis tools coveted by investors to assist in making timely and well-informed

Our innovative research platform is designed to provide an investor with accurate
and predictive analytics which identify and determine the following characteristics of
an equity or fixed income security:   

  • Objective fair-value estimate of underlying security
  • Source of the cash-flows supporting earnings, dividends and credit quality
  • Potential impact of accrual accounting on earnings quality
  • Capital productivity and revenue metrics

Based on a novel combination of unconventional cash-flow methodologies, the
Merriam Report model has also shown a remarkable predictive capability in gauging
the future direction of a security's price.

Developed by MIS founder Jason Merriam as a primary investment screen for taxable
and non-taxable portfolios, it represents more than fifteen years of applied research.

Merriam Report research is published by MIS and its author / editor Jason

MIS provides portfolio analysis and investment research services to institutional and
individual investors.  Prior to establishing MIS, Jason was managing partner with
Beach & Sea Group, a San Diego based investment LP.     

A self-taught investor, Jason studied corporate finance and accounting with Robert J.
Westervelt, former senior VP of Finance at Warner Lambert and Pfizer.    

As Mr. Westervelt's assistant, Jason was responsible for developing investment
analysis screens and asset allocation models for high net worth fixed income and
equity portfolios.  Media appearances include
CNBC , Los Angeles Times, New York
and San Diego Union Tribune.  He is also a regular contributor with Seeking
Alpha and its syndicated affiliates.   

The Merriam Report is dedicated in loving
memory to Robert J. Westervelt.

Bob was a brilliant investor,  teacher and
dear friend.    He taught me the subtle
nuances of corporate finance you don't
learn in a classroom or read in a book.      

Robert's long and distinguished career
included executive finance positions at
several Fortune 500 companies including
Pfizer, Warner-Lambert, Nestle, General
Foods and Coty Cosmetics
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Jason Merriam

What our clients are saying
"The Merriam Report is a
prerequisite in our portfolio
analysis.  No gimmicks, just the
JDF  Boston, MA

"We believe the MR is as close
to a crystal ball you will ever
CC San Diego, CA  

"As a technical analyst, the
Merriam Report helps the
charts speak to me".
CK San Francisco, CA